Facebook Sued For Being Facebook

Facebook is being sued for what appears to be engaging in evolving as a social networking site. On its face, the lawsuit appears without merit because it does not allege anything new against Facebook. One of the lawsuit’s allegations is that Facebook, “seeks to open and/or disseminate private information to third parties for commercial purposes and economic benefit.”

Despite what many of its users think, Facebook is not in business to provide free social interactions for the benefit of its users. Facebook is in business to make money by providing a uniqe platform that enables its users to enjoy their online social interactions and activities. If and when Facebook is able to fully monetize all of this freely obtained information it will be the marketing industry’s “El Dorado.”

Users join Facebook to interact with their friends and potential friends and to share their thoughts and ideas with others. I am a Facebook user. However, I limit the amount of personal information that I post because I know that as soon as I post something I have no ability to fully control it. In contrast, some of my Facebook Friends post a tremendous amount of information that is not fit for professional consumption. For example, a cousin of mine who is a recent college graduate and a Facebook Friend has allowed some of her college Facebook usuage to follow her into the professional world. I have had to warn her not to disparage in any manner her current employer or position in her posts. I just hope that none of her posts boomerang and harm her in the future. As with any new technology, once the Genie has left the bottle you can’t put it back in.

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