Sex, Sexting, Lies, Videotape, and Carrie Prejean

Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California who has been ostracized by many in the media since celebrity blogger Perez Hilton “outed” her as a woman whom many would consider does not have liberal opinions, has recently ended her legal fight with the Miss California Pageant. In many articles, it has been reported that Ms. Prejean ended the legal wrangling after the pageant obtained a purported sex tape that included Ms. Prejean.

According to Ms. Prejean’s interview on The Today Show, the sex tape that has been in the media the past week is what would now be called a “sexting” tape. In The Today Show interview, Ms. Prejean stated that she was 17 years old when the tape was made, she is the only person in the tape, and she made the tape to send only to her boyfriend. In other words, not nearly as salacious as the press has hyped it to be.

This situation highlights that nobody can hide from their past. In general, I believe that almost everyone deserves a second chance because everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, Social Media and the Internet can destroy one’s reputation almost instantly. It is important to understand your rights when you are being filmed and photographed, and when you are posting to the Internet. Even if you understand your rights, you must realize that once something is released onto the Internet, even if it is an unauthorized release, it can never be fully retrieved.

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