Monday, August 24, 2009

"Skanks in NYC" Blogger Planning to Sue Google For Following Judge's Order to Out Her

According to a CNN article, the "Skanks in NYC" Blogger who lost her lawsuit to keep her anonymity is planning on suing Google, the host of her blog, for not doing more to protect her privacy.

Some background for those who have not followed this story. An anonymous blogger made derogatory and possibly defamatory remarks against a model, Liskula Cohen. Ms. Cohen sued to compel the blogger's web hosting company, Google to release the personal information of the anonymous blogger. Ms. Cohen won her lawsuit and as ordered, Google provided the blogger's email address to Ms. Cohen. Ms. Cohen utilizing her gumshoe skills figured out the identify of the anonymous blogger. The media also found out the identity of the anonymous blogger.

Ms. Cohen received several days of positive press and during her media performances she was viewed not as a vindictive and helpless victim but as a person who is willing to forgive and forget and move on.

The anonymous blogger was vilified in the media and wants to blame Google for her self inflicted problems. As I said several days ago, if the anonymous blogger wanted to stay anonymous she should have covered her tracks better. Filing a frivolous lawsuit against Google only continues to demonstrate the blogger's vindicative nature and that she is looking for someone else to blame for her own actions. It is time for the anonymous blogger, Rosemary Port to cut her losses because the longer this story stays viral the more damage it does to her reputation.

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