Friday, August 28, 2009

Facebook Improves Privacy Controls for Users

According to a Facebook press release, Facebook has agreed to increase its privacy control options in response to a request from the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Any features that provide its users more control over the use and dissemination of their information is a great news for Facebook users.

Facebook users should limit the amount and type of personal information they provide in their Facebook profiles. Providing too much personal information on social media websites can be very dangerous. Does anybody rememberf the Sandra Bullock movie the The Net? Even though this movie portrays an extreme example of identity theft right before Internet usage became mainstream it is still demonstrates what a determined identity thief can do with the right knowledge and tools. No password or security feature is safe from a determined identity theif and I am sure that identity thieves target Facebook and other social media web sites all the time.

I am dissapointed that it took a Canadian government commission to "encourage" Facebook to act. As I have posted earlier, Facebook is sitting on what the "Mad Men" of Madison Avenue would call the "El Dorado" of marketing research. Facebook has freely obtained millions of bits of personal information that could be utilized by companies to reach a specific target audience. As my British friends would say, "brilliant."

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