Saturday, December 18, 2010

How To Choose A Social Media Lawyer

Choosing a social media lawyer is difficult because there are so few bona fida social media attorneys around. You should choose a social media lawyer in the same manner that you choose a lawyer for any other matter: via due diligence. Social Media Law is like entertainment law and sports law in that there are several different areas of the law that a practitioner should understand.

Some of the areas of the law that a social media lawyer should be knowledgeable about include: Internet law, intellectual property, employment law, business law, media law, and privacy law. A social media lawyer should also know how social media may be used in other legal specialties and the business of social media. In addition, a social media lawyer must understand social media technology and how social media is utilized. A social media lawyer must not just talk the talk, he must walk the walk.

I have noticed some lawyers falsely advertising they have social media experience and some who have even fraudulently created social media credentials. Due diligence via a Google search, a review of an attorney's social media usage, and personal recommendations should enable a client to determine a lawyer's true social media knowledge. Having a blog, a Twitter account, or a Facebook or Myspace page for your practice does not mean you are a social media lawyer. It just means that you spend your spare time creating content that you want the entire world to see.

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