Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cleveland's continued misguided attempt at social media criminal law

Cleveland's City Council continues in its misguided attempt to create vague and unconstitutional social media criminal law. Cleveland's City Council is trying again to specifically criminalize the use of electronic media to create flash mobs.

This past summer, Cleveland's City Council tried to regulate the use of social media and fortunately for the citizens of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson vetoed the flawed legislation. As I told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland should utilize its resources to provide its law enforcement officials social media training instead of drafting vague and misguided ordinances that will create more problems. I recommend Cleveland focusing its energy on enforcing its current laws and determining how to apply them to social media.

Maybe Cleveland's City Council should focus its efforts on banning its fans from standing up and cheering at the Brown's games. Oops. Somebody beat them to it.

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