Insurance Companies May Be Following Your Tweets

Discussing your personal health or emotional well being on social media is not recommended. Health insurance companies, law enforcement, opposing counsel in lawsuits, employers, potential employers, academic institutions, etc… want access to both your public and private social media content. Therefore, everything you put online may one day be used against you.

On October 22, 2011 I discussed some of the reasons why you must be careful about posting online your personal health care status with Angie Goff of NBC 4 in Washington, DC. During the segment, Angie mentioned how Senator McCaskill used Twitter to discuss her progress during her recent 50 pound weight loss. While it may seem like a great idea at first glance to share this type of information with other people who are interested in losing weight it is not advisable.

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Insurance companies may utilize your Tweets against you during the underwriting process and/or if and when you have a claim. In the United Kingdom, those who utilize social media may have to pay higher premiums.

Below are several tips regarding social media and health care privacy:

1) Avoid discussing your personal physical or emotional health status online

2) Do not talk about the non-public health status of your online “friends”
3) Do not post about the medications you are taking

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