Thursday, November 10, 2011

US should investigate why Sandusky was arrested after Paterno broke the Division I wins record

Should the U.S. investigate why Jerry Sandusky was arrested only after Joe Paterno broke Eddie Robinson's record of 408 wins? I find it troubling that only after Paterno broke the record for most wins by a Division I football coach was Paterno's longtime defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky arrested for child rape and sodomy. Did this delay cause more young boys to be put in harm's way so a football coach could claim a significant historical record before a scandal engulfed him?

Did Sandusky violate the Mann Act? Did Sandusky transport minors across state lines and sodomize or rape them? In 1998, one of Sandusky's victims was listed as a member of Sandusky's family for the Outback Bowl. Did Sandusky take any other victims with him across state lines to a Penn State football game?

It is too early to speculate on Penn State's potential liability in this scandal. However, today a jury in Miami-Dade Circuit Court awarded a sex abuse victim $100 million dollars. Therefore, between legal fees, settlements, judgments, possible fines etc... it is possible that this scandal may cost Penn State $100 million dollars or more. This does not factor in the damage to its reputation along with the loss of future economic opportunities.

This already appears to be the worst college sports scandal of all time. Covering up child rape and sodomy on campus to protect an institution's reputation is unforgivable and indefensible. Why didn't someone who knew about the allegations against Sandusky put a stop to him years ago?

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