FTC Complaint Filed Against Snapchat

Consumer privacy advocate EPIC has recently filed an FTC complaint against Snapchat because it believes the service is misleading consumers regarding its ability to delete the content being sent across its platform.  According to multiple published reports, Snapchat may not be permanently deleting the content being sent through its service despite its claims.  

Snapchat’s promise that content would “self-destruct” after it is viewed may remind some people of Mission Impossible’s self-destruct messaging system.  Self destruct messages are ideal for some content that is sent online.  Due to the constant barrage of media coverage regarding sexting scandals, an app that actually deletes content once it is viewed may be very profitable for a company.

Unless Snapchat is able to quickly fix its alleged inability to permanently delete the content it claims it is able to delete it may have significant legal liability.  It may only be a matter of time before a user is damaged because content it thought was deleted was not.

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