Monday, June 17, 2013

Google Pledges To Eradicate Child Porn From Web

It was announced recently that Google is creating a global database to try to stop the proliferation of child pornography online.  According to The Telegraph, Google's "engineers are working on new technology which will, for the first time, allow Internet search engines and other web firms to swap information about images of children being raped and abused."

Google has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to stop child pornography from being easily available on its web sites.  According to The Guardian, last week UK Prime Minister David Cameron demanded Google do more to stop the spread of child porn online.  It was reported that  Google was one of the companies that was summoned to a summit to discuss these issues with Cameron's Culture Secretary Maria Miller and Tory MP Claire Perry.  

I wrote about Google's alleged inaction on this matter last week because this is a serious problem that Google should devote more resources towards resolving.  While I believe that Google's announcement that it is working on a new initiative to stop the spread of online images that show children being raped and abused is a step in the right direction, why did it take so much international pressure and negative media before Google decided to act?

Even though there is still plenty of debate regarding a company's legal duty to police the content uploaded or searchable on its web sites, Google may have a moral responsibility to protect our children.  It is imperative that Google does everything in its power to stop the spread of child pornography on its platforms.

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