Thursday, June 13, 2013

Real Madrid Facebook Fans Are Being Targeted By Phishers

According to multiple media organizations, malware is spreading all over sports branded Facebook pages.  Fans Against Kounterfeit Enterprises has uncovered a Trojan Horse that is spreading across NFL branded pages on Facebook.  The New York Times has stated that this malware may drain Facebook users' bank accounts.

These malware attacks are not just targeting U.S. sports properties.  According to Symantec, phishers are now going after Real Madrid's branded Facebook page.  This demonstrates that there may be a coordinated attack against sports fans who visit the social media pages of major sports and entertainment properties.

The bottom line is that Facebook along with sports and entertainment properties must be very vigilant in policing their digital properties.  Sports social media enthusiasts who visit Facebook and interact with sports branded pages must be very cautious so their computers are not infected and bank accounts drained.

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