Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Facebook criticized for ending ban on beheading videos

Facebook has recently announced that it will end its ban on beheading videos.  Within hours after announcing that it was lifting its ban, it was criticized for its new policy.  This change caused such an uproar that even British Prime Minister mentioned his dismay about it.

Facebook is a private entity and if you want to utilize its platform you need to play by its rules.  It creates policies to drive as much traffic to its web site as possible.  The more users/eyeballs the more advertising dollars. The more advertising dollars it generates the more profits that may be sent to its stockholders.  Facebook is not in the privacy and censorship business but in the digital monetization business.  

Parents and politicians need to understand that Facebook was not created as a sanitary place for kids to "hang out".  Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerberg to encourage Harvard college students to meet and interact with other college students to do "grown up things".  The sooner people realize this the better.   

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