Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sextortionist jailed for sexual cyber blackmail

A sexual cyber blackmailer was jailed for 5 years for hacking the digital media accounts of at least 350 women.  Sextortionist Karen "Gary" Kazaryan pleaded guilty in July to charges that he hacked into women's email and/or social media accounts and trolled them for nude and sexually-suggestive pictures from his California home.

According to court documents, Kazaryan gained unauthorized access to digital accounts and then obtained naked pictures of his victims and extorted them to provide additional photos and/or videos. If his victims refused his demands, he posted the original embarrassing content on the Internet.  The sentencing memorandum stated "[Kazaryan's] victims were devastated and felt like they had been raped".  More than 3000 nude images were found on Kazaryan's computer.

It wouldn't surprise me if more of these types of crimes are prosecuted in the near future.  However, is 5 years enough of a sentence to deter others from following in Kazaryan's footsteps? 

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