Saturday, January 11, 2014

Canadian Teen Convicted of Sexting Child Pornography

A Canadian teenager was recently convicted of sexting pornographic photos.  According to CNN, a teenage girl was found guilty of distributing via text pornographic photos of her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend.

This case appears to have occurred because a teenager became jealous that her boyfriend was still in contact with his ex-girlfriend.  According to prosecutors, the convicted teenager initially threatened her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend on Facebook.  The defendant then allegedly texted five naked photos of the ex-girlfriend that she found on her boyfriend's cell phone to several other people.  The prosecutors examined approximately 36,000 texts during the investigation.  The parties involved in this matter were approximately the same age. 

This appears to be an unfortunate situation that before the Social Media Age would never have occurred.  In general, child pornography laws were intended to stop those over the age of majority (in general 18 years of age) from exploiting minors. Does this case demonstrate a need to re-examine child pornography laws? 

Due to the proliferation of cell phones and mobile apps that make sharing images (i.e. photos and videos) extremely easily, it is imperative that teenagers learn about the legal issues inherent with social media usage.  Unfortunately, it would not surprise me if these cases become more common in the future. 

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