How Much Is Your Data Worth To Facebook?

Facebook recently released its fourth quarter 2015 earnings and it demonstrated that the social media giant is hitting its stride.  It made an average of $3.73 off each of its users around the world.  However, in the United States and Canada, it made an average of $13.54 off each of its users.

What do these figures mean exactly?  Well, it demonstrates that there is value in the information you provide to Facebook in exchange to utilize their service.  Therefore, every time you provide Facebook information about your personal life (i.e. date of birth, marital status, kids, etc…), upload a photo, “like” a corporate page, etc…that is data that may be sold to data brokers, advertisers, and others.  There is tremendous value in your personal information.

Due to Facebook’s very troubling privacy policy and data usage practices, I don’t trust the platform with my personal data and/or my family’s information.  I have limited personal information on my Facebook account with intentionally misleading content to protect my family’s personal privacy and safety.  Your Facebook account may create tremendous legal problems for yourself and put you and your family’s personal safety at risk so the value of your data should be a wake up call.

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