The Social Media President: Donald Trump

Copyright Brad Shear.

Donald Trump was sworn in as President of the United States earlier today. He is the first person to fully utilize the power of social media win the presidency.  While Howard Dean pioneered online donations in 2004, and President Obama was able to harness Facebook and other digital platforms in 2008 and 2012 to mobilize his supporters, Donald Trump is the first person to use the power of social media to directly communicate with his constituents, the media, and others to get elected.

While its too early to speculate how President Trump will utilize his Digital Bully Pulpit during his presidency, it wouldn’t surprise me if he continues to communicate his thoughts directly to the world via Twitter and other digital platforms. Whether you agree with what President Trump said to get elected or not, I believe he should be given the chance to lead the United States of America. He is our President for at least the next four years and as an American, I hope that he succeeds because my family’s future along with my neighbor’s, and my fellow American’s future depends on it.

In 2010, I stated, “Social Media is here to stay. In fact it may become the dominant form of communication in the near future. The legal, political, and societal ramifications are tremendous. President Obama utilized social media to get elected and his administration is using social media to actively engage with the American people and the rest of the world…In the future, a majority of the population may rely solely on social media as their news gathering resource.”  

What will President Trump’s policies be regarding digital privacy, cyber security, and digital reputation issues?  Time will tell. Godspeed President Trump and the new Congress. Our country’s future depends on your success.