The Benefits of a 2nd Line On Your Smart Phone

In the Digital Age, we are a mobile-first society.  According to comScore, cell phone penetration in the United States surpassed 80% in 2016. This is a staggering figure and demonstrates that we have become dependent on our mobile devices as our primary method to communicate with others. The mobile revolution is not just happening in the United States, worldwide cell phone penetration is approximately 65% and projected to increase in the near future.  

Since we use our smart phones to connect with our family, friends, and service providers, advertisers, governments, hackers, cyber criminals, creditors, etc… want to know our cell phone number. When signing up for a loyalty card at Safeway, CVS, etc. you are generally asked for your cell phone number and your email address. Is this information needed? Of course not.

An increasing number of email providers want you to provide your cell phone number when signing up.  They generally claim its for security reasons and is needed for two-factor authentication; however, its just another data grab. Two-factor authentication can easily be done with a second email address instead of a cell phone number. Companies understand that your cell phone has become as personal as your social security number so they will ask for it and sometimes require it for service.  

For safety and security reasons, I highly recommend many of my clients have a 2nd cell phone that can be provided to companies that “require” a cell phone number for service.  For example, when a social media or email accounts provider “requires” a cell phone number, to sell goods online at Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc… to use Airbnb, and to sign up for loyalty cards.

Have you ever had a date gone awry or an ex-companion who couldn’t stop calling you despite telling them its over? I have had multiple clients who have had to block a particular phone number whether due to someone who couldn’t let go or because of a stalker; however, this doesn’t stop them from using another number to place a harassing call or send a menacing text.

Some of my clients have been doxed (had their personal information such as a cell phone number exposed online), and need quick access to another phone line.  Others, such as doctors, lawyers, police officers, and teachers don’t want to have to carry around an additional work cell phone so an app with a second line makes their life easier.   

Changing your primary personal cell number can sometimes be as challenging as changing your physical address.  As someone who has moved multiple times over the years, I understand how difficult it can be to ensure that your family, friends, & service providers (e.g. dentist, doctor, dry cleaner, handy man, etc.) know where to contact you.  

These are just some of the many reasons why I recommend using the Hushed Smart Phone App.  I am a Hushed customer and have found it to be an extremely easy, and affordable way to have a 2nd phone line tied to my smart phone.  

While I also have an affiliate partnership with Hushed (Via My Digital Armour Service), I could have chosen another service to use. However, as a customer, I believe in the app and recommend it to my clients who value their privacy, safety, & security. This video link describes how to use the Hushed App. 

In my opinion, Hushed is the best 2nd line cell phone service.  It has the most robust features, its easy to use, and its affordable. Its also available in more than 40 countries around the world. The bottom line is that Hushed is a must have for anyone who values their privacy and security in the Digital Age.