Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate is a Must Read

Sue Scheff and Melissa Schorr’s new book, Shame Nation is a must read not just for anyone who has been shamed or trolled online but for everyone who utilizes the Internet on a regular basis.

Why? Because Sue has gone from becoming a victim of online hate to an advocate, and now and expert. I first heard about Sue’s situation years ago when her book, Google Bomb, was published which detailed her harrowing experience as the target of a sick demented person who defamed her all over the Internet. Sue eventually won a landmark multi-million dollar lawsuit against her defamer but almost lost her sanity because of the toll it took on herself and her family.

Sue and Melissa break Shame Nation down into three parts. The Rise of Shame Nation; Preventing and Surviving an Onslaught; and Beyond the Shaming. The first part of the book explains how and why its so easy to become the target of online hate.  The second section discusses how people can proactively protect themselves from becoming a victim of online hate. The final section discuses how to survive a digital attack.

The book uses a lot of case studies and examples to help its readers understand the issues inherent in the Digital Age.  Additionally, it provides strategies and tips on what to do if you become the target of a digital assassin. I was a consulting expert for the book and I was interviewed extensively about some of the tactics I use to help counsel clients who have become the target of online hate.

After I read Sue and Melissa’s new book, I didn’t have to be asked to write about it; I wanted to because I felt it important to help get the word out because its that good of a book. If you read my work regularly, you will notice that it has been a long time since I last recommended a book. In sum, I give Shame Nation my highest recommendation.