Social Media Star Admits To Contest Fraud

In the Social Media Age what you see isn’t really what you get. Many social media stars intentionally mislead the public in order to portray a glamorous life to obtain followers and gain the attention of brands to cash in on their perceived influenced. What the public doesn’t realize is that is that many of the contests that are run by these so called influencers are riddled with fraud and deceit.

For example, Terrie McEvoy, an Irish blogger recently admitted to rigging a contest giveaway to ensure her best friend and brother’s girl friend were the winners of her contests. After she was outed, her response was, “I 100% should have picked somebody I didn’t know and I appreciate why people were so angry, I TOTALLY understand… But I just want people to know that at the time I had my reasons to pick these two particular girls and my heart was in the right place…”

I don’t want to speculate on what her reasons were to pick her friends to win her contests; however, it further proves that what you see is not always what you get online especially from so called social media stars.

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