Top 5 Privacy & Security Issues For 2018

Image Credit: CC0. Public Domain.

Privacy and security are interconnected. It’s very difficult to have one without the other. For 2018, my top 5 privacy and security issues are:

DNA Privacy-Companies such as Orig3n and other Direct to Consumers DNA testing companies are intentionally misleading consumers about their privacy practices and only after their unethical contractual consumer terms are exposed by the media do they change their privacy policies. When you take an at home DNA test you put not only your personal privacy and security at risk but also your kids future because your DNA is passed onto them so think long and hard before using one of these tests.

Colleges are Discriminating Against Students Based Upon Their Internet Search History-Colleges are not just hiring social media monitoring companies to spy on applicants, they are also secretly obtaining their applicants’ personal Snapchat accounts and other social media account data. For example, Harvard is tracking their applicants web surfing history via secret web bugs and beacons inserted into emails they send.

 Data Location Privacy-In Carpenter v. United States, the Supreme Court recently heard arguments about whether consumers have an expectation of privacy regarding their cell phone location and if law enforcement needs to obtain a warrant before accessing your cell phone location data from your provider. 

Big Data and Algorithms and Discrimination-Your digital foot print from your web surfing history to your Facebook likes to your retweets to the videos you watch on YouTube are being collected and you are being provided offers or being denied opportunities based upon your digital activities. Is this fair or legal?

Internet of Bodies-If you think the Internet of Things and Smart Homes are creepy wait until an insurance company asks for you to swallow a pill for under writing purposes. Some pills can determine if you have taken your medicine and others can measure your bodily functions. Insurance companies are already using social media for underwriting some policies so just think what is on the horizon.

These are many more privacy and security issues I could talk about; however, I felt these issues were the most intriguing entering the new year.