Digital Armour


Our motto is Privacy Equals Power. Digital Armour is a concierge service that protects your privacy, security, and reputation in the Digital Age. Our experts understand not just how a tweet, text, or a private moment shared with others digitally may create negative reputational challenges, but also how usage of certain mobile devices, apps, and services may create serious permanent legal consequences.

This service empowers clients to proactively guard their personal information from hackers, governments, blackmailers, schools, employers, social engineers, insurance companies, financial institutions, private membership clubs, and others who may utilize your personal digital activities to discriminate against you and/or deny you economic or professional opportunities, and/or personal happiness.

Our experts educate clients via one on one or group consulting sessionsin person speaking seminars, and online classes.

Who can benefit from Digital Armour?

Those who want to utilize mobile devices and social media accounts but want to do so in a manner that not only protects their reputation; but also enhances their cyber safety and security; their freedom of speech; and their legal and privacy rights. This service is geared towards the following groups who want to proactively take control of their digital life.

Students who utilize digital devices and social media accounts.

Parents who want to ensure their digital footprint is not harming their children’s K-12 private school, college, or graduate school applications.

Job applicants who want ensure their digital activity is not harming their employment search.

Employees who want to protect their personal digital life from colleagues and/or their employers.

Companies and Organizations who want to educate their employees about digital compliance, law, cyber security, online reputation, and public relations issues that may damage a corporate brand and/or harm customers.

Athletes, Celebrities, Government Officials, and their staff who want to protect themselves from digital blackmail, cyber stalking, revenge porn, social engineering, etc…

How To Obtain Digital Armour

Due to the personalized nature of the service, we do not offer Digital Armour to everyone who requests it. We accept a limited number of clients after they have been screened to determine if they would be a good fit for the service. The cost is based upon the type of services requested, the location, the number of participants involved, etc… We persnalize our offerings to fit our clients’ needs.

To learn more about this concierge service you may contact us at  Thank you.