Bradley may be available to speak at your next conference, luncheon, seminar, or corporate retreat.  His audiences regularly include  judges, prosecutors, elected and appointed state and federal officials, general counsels and executives of  Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, front office staff, student-athletes, athletic department staff, educators, professionals, students, and the general public. 

Some of Bradley's more popular speaking topics include:  Digital Media Life Skills, Digital Media Law and Public Policy, Digital Media Ethics, and Digital Media and Sports.  Bradley personalizes each presentation to address the needs and goals of his clients.

To obtain more information about speaking fees and schedules, you may send an email to speaking@shearlaw.com. In your email please include the topic(s) you are interested in, audience size, location, date(s), and any other pertinent details about the event.  

Bradley presents to private groups on a regular basis.  Some of his publicly advertised speaking engagements include: